You’re Tired of Hiding Who You Are from the World

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You’ve always felt different.

For as long as you can remember, something has isolated you from everyone else.

You learned early that your true self stirred feelings of fear and anger in others.

So, you began to hide your authentic self since living as a fraud was preferable to living as an outcast.

“Always walk the right way. Speak firmly without a lilt. Don’t talk about who or what you like.”

“Stay hidden.”

Now, you feel lost and confused.

You’ve spent so long pretending to be something you’re not – that you’re unsure who you are.

It’s as though you’re trapped in a perpetual cycle of self-consciousness, self-censorship, and self-doubt.

Even in an LGBTQ-safe and accepting environment, you still can’t let your guard down.

You’re ashamed that you can’t be honest with yourself and others. But the fear is simply too great.

LGBTQ-affirming care designed for your needs.

My office is a supportive and inclusive environment built on trust, respect, and dedicated to your needs.

We’ll challenge the negative thought patterns holding you back using strengths-based CBT techniques.

Our sessions focus on self-acceptance using ACT therapy, allowing you to harness your innate resilience.

Therapy helps you turn your unique identity and experiences into your greatest strength.

Mindfulness practices will help you stay emotionally present while you navigate life’s challenges.

A brighter tomorrow is possible.

Imagine a life where self-doubt and fear no longer hold you back.

Confidently express your identity and embrace your individuality.

Make meaningful connections with the people in your life.

It’s time to pave the way to a happier, more authentic you.

Take the next step now.

Don’t let any more precious time slip by.

Start living the bright and fulfilling life you deserve.

Call me now at (415) 237-7744 to schedule your free consultation, and get started today!