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You don’t like who you’ve become.

Working with a professional can help you understand how these unhealthy patterns were formed and how they can be changed.

You’re not quite sure how you got to this point, but you know it’s not working.

And it’s getting difficult to imagine any other way of living.

No one understands what you’re going through.

The people around you are all moving confidently toward their goals while you remain stuck in place.

You want to express your feelings but believe you’re the only person experiencing these problems.

And you’re ashamed to admit that you’re struggling this way lest you face rejection.

Change feels impossible.

That inner critic repeatedly tells you that any attempts you make to improve your situation will only fail.

So, you become paralyzed and unable to take any action for fear of making further mistakes.

The future feels frightening and uncertain, and you wonder if there’s any way out of this cycle of shame and fear.

You might have said, “I am going to change things tomorrow,” but that tomorrow never arrived.

It just added to the heaviness of shame, fear, and anxiety.

You know this version of you is not serving you, and within you, deep inside, there might be a better way.

These are heavy complex feelings, and it is hard to change by ourselves.

However, by working with a scientific practitioner that creates a compassionate, open space for you, you can walk toward a better version of yourself.

There is another way.

Working with a professional can help you understand how these
unhealthy patterns are formed and how they can be changed.

With the proper support, it’s possible to rediscover your unique
talents and skills that have been hidden for too long.

It’s time to let go of the endless self-criticism and negative thoughts
holding you back from envisioning a brighter future. And I can help.

Hi, I am Dr. Farhadi.

I love working with talented individuals trapped in old patterns of behavior and helping them find meaningful change and resilience.

Together, we’ll determine what’s most important to you and create new achievable goals to help you align with these values.

Using compassion-focused therapy, DBT, and CBT, you’ll learn to navigate your emotions, cultivate self-compassion, and experience a sense of belonging. And through close monitoring, careful attention, and support, you’ll begin to feel in charge of your life again.

You’re just a step away from opening the door to a stronger, prouder, more resilient version of yourself.

Call me now to set up your free consultation, and let’s get started on this journey today!

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Transform shame into empowerment.

Stop settling for less than you deserve from life. Find the joy,
motivation, and connection you’ve been looking for.

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