Consultation and Supervision


As a seasoned expert consultant in psychology, mental health, and diversity, I help organizations and individuals promote mental well-being, create inclusive spaces, and deliver effective mental health solutions.

Whether it’s program design, leadership coaching, or product development, I am committed to positively impacting the mental health landscape.

Here’s a breakdown of my specialized areas and examples of my services…

Mental Health Consultant

I offer guidance and expertise in the field of mental health to individuals or organizations with valuable insights and strategies to improve mental well-being. This can be in the areas of developing products and applications, developing interventions, and offering support and resources.

Program Design

I collaborate with organizations to design comprehensive mental health programs tailored to their needs. This includes crafting effective interventions, setting goals, and measuring outcomes.


I provide strategies to enhance employee or client engagement in mental health initiatives. This might involve developing interactive workshops, educational materials, or digital platforms to encourage participation.

Burnout Prevention

I work with individuals and organizations to identify and address factors contributing to burnout. My approach includes stress management techniques, workload assessment, and fostering a culture of self-care.

Leadership Consultation

I guide leaders in promoting mental health and well-being within their teams. This involves coaching on communication, conflict resolution, and creating psychologically safe environments.

Mental Health Products

I assist in the development and evaluation of mental health products and services, ensuring they are evidence-based and user-friendly.

Healthcare Consultant

As a Healthcare Consultant specializing in psychological science, I offer expertise in applying psychological principles to healthcare settings. They help healthcare providers improve patient care by integrating evidence-based psychological strategies and interventions. I assess patient needs, design interventions, and train healthcare staff to enhance the psychological aspects of patient well-being, ultimately improving the overall quality of healthcare services.

Program Development

I collaborate with healthcare institutions to create mental health programs that complement their medical services, addressing the holistic needs of patients.

Customer Outreach

I assist healthcare providers in reaching out to patients and families effectively, focusing on the importance of mental health as an integral part of overall well-being.

Mental Health Integration

I work with healthcare professionals to integrate mental health considerations into their medical practice, improving patient care.

Stress Reduction

I provide strategies for healthcare workers to manage stress, enhance resilience, and prevent burnout.

Diversity and Inclusion

I offer workshops and training sessions to help organizations foster inclusive environments, highlighting the importance of diverse perspectives for mental health.

Cultural Competence

I assist in developing cultural competence programs, enabling healthcare and mental health professionals to provide sensitive and effective care to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Diversity in Mental Health Products

I consult on the development of mental health products that are culturally sensitive and relevant to diverse populations.

Community Engagement

I provide guidance on engaging with diverse communities to better understand their mental health needs and preferences.


752914420This is my forte!

I offer supervision services to licensed and unlicensed professionals, drawing upon my background as a contextual behavioral scientist and practitioner.

My extensive training and supervisory experience have given me valuable insights into the supervisor-supervisee relationship. I view this relationship as an enriching experience that fosters the growth and development of the supervisee while improving the field of psychology at large.

I focus heavily on tAcceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach. During supervision, I integrate elements from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to enrich the case conceptualization process.

1723797697During my career…

I’ve had the privilege of serving as the primary clinical supervisor for an APA-accredited post-doctoral program at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. In this role, I had the opportunity to mentor and guide emerging psychologists as they honed their clinical skills, ensuring the highest standards of care for patients.

I also have international experience as the Director of Clinical Training at the University of San Francisco. I oversaw the clinical training of future mental health professionals in evidence-based practice.

In our supervision sessions…

Supervision is a collaborative and dynamic process that involves ongoing support and guidance for clinicians as they navigate complex cases and refine their therapeutic skills. In our scheduled supervision sessions, I’m committed to better understanding how ACT, CBT, and DBT can be effectively applied in your clinical work.

My goal is to create a safe and supportive space where you can explore complex cases, refine your therapeutic techniques, and deepen your understanding of evidence-based approaches like ACT, CBT, and DBT.

Through collaborative supervision, we’ll enhance your clinical proficiency, contribute positively to the broader field of psychology, and improve the well-being of those you serve.

Are you ready to take the next step toward personal growth and positive change? Whether you’re seeking supervision or consultation for your organization, I’m here to help you achieve your goals and enhance your impact and learning. Feel free to reach out for a 20-minute free, confidential discussion. I offer a complimentary consultation where we can address your questions and determine if we’re a good fit to work together. Don’t hesitate; your journey to a better life starts with a simple call.